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Foundations of Waldorf Education

Foundations of Waldorf Education


Saturdays:  Jan 20, Jan 27, Feb 3, Feb 10, Mar 2, Mar 9 & Mar 16
10 am- Noon


The Association of Waldorf Schools of America and The Pedagogical Section Council of North America have indicated key identifying principles from which Waldorf Schools should strive to abide by. These seven principles vary slightly in verbiage between the two organizations, but ultimately provide Waldorf schools, teachers, faculty and communities a framework that affords for continuity across the continent. 


In this brief seven-week course, Waldorf Educators in our community will outline these principles and provide key components within this framework from which to glean insights on the foundations of Waldorf education. 


Each session will be led by an experienced Waldorf educator and will provide different perspectives on these foundational topics. In these short programs, there will be presentations, mixed with conversation, movement, and art to illustrate how Waldorf education teaches to the heart through the will and ultimately to the intellect. 


This series is perfect for faculty, parents and anyone interested in learning more about what makes Waldorf education a unique and holistic practice.


Cost: $250 for all seven sessions
Scholarship and discounts available.

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